Video Editing and Bass Music

Hi, I hope this is the right place to post.

Is anyone creating practice videos that adds tabs to music videos, that can be slowed down and then speeded up as they improve, please?
If you are, what combination of software are you using to make your creations please?


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This is a heavy duty question. I imagine @JoshFossgreen and the gurus at BassBuzz headquarters could answer this best.

Haha, this is a major rabbit hole!

I don’t know if there’s a simple / more plug-and-play way to do it than what I do.

I use a somewhat complex mix of Sibelius, GIMP, Transcribe!, Final Cut, and a lot of keyframing.

Anyone have a less nightmarish answer?

(P.S. since this is bass/music related I’ll stick it in Bass Chat rather than the Lounge)


There is an online program I’ve seen used by other online courses, but I couldn’t find the name of it.

For doing it yourself, this might help.


Seems a less nightmarish answer :slight_smile:
Thanks @JT
Fortunatly, I own Adobe CS5 so I can learn premiere, have no clue as to guitar pro. will do a search on here.

Just to underline a point though, I want to do this for personal practice and self development. I understand publishing someone else’s copyrighted music on line like this would probably involve some sort of royalty payment.

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I finally remembered the software I was trying to think of. It’s Soundslice.