Video performances that make your soul smile!

For our mutual entertainment and inspiration, let’s share bass-related live-on-video performances that have impressed, astounded or just plain brought you joy.

Here is one that is simplicity and artistry personified as a three-man band. Tight, tight, tight.


This video has wow’ed me when I first saw it - and it still does:

  • the sound of that bass (and what Jayme’s fingers coax out of it) - J-bass fan forever :heart_eyes: (and it’s not even the most J-bass-y sound you can imagine)
  • how simple, intricate, subtle, in-your-face, and stylistically varied a bassline can be; all in one song
  • how it showcases the phrasing options available on a bass (and how Jayme delivers all this with an almost blasé arrogance :crazy_face: :astonished:)

I like this better than most of the fireworks stuff that, say, Davie504 or Charles Berthoud put out, which often just seems to shout “watch me” at full volume…

(By the way, that bass is the bass that is now available from Sandberg as one of the BassTheWorld signature models!)


Man, I’ve watched this so many times now, really inspiring – tone, phrasing, the short punchy parts blend beautifully with the warmer smooth lines, this is just great!

Agree, those guys are incredible, but the soloist thing is missing something to me. It is always capped by the ability of the player. This style on the other hand, belongs in a group performance. With the right instruments and vocals and audience, it’s greater than the sum of its parts, cause it moves people…if that makes any sense.


I couldn’t agree more. Magic happens when musicians play together in seamless, selfless collaboration and respect.


And check out the bass face on the drummer. That cat is so feeling the groove, he and the bass player are in cosmic sync. Just beautiful.

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