Vintage Bass?

What are peoples thoughts on the Vintage range of basses?
There is a Vintage 900 Bubinga active bass guitar, new strings - pro set up with Carlisbro 150 viper bass amp - new celestion speaker graphic EQ2 advertised locally for not too much money. (£200) It has been advertised for a while so maybe could make them an offer

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I have a Vintage Reissued V4 (P copy) as my beginner bass and think it is very well made and of very decent quality. It cost new about 250 GBP (for reference).

Also, I have a Yamaha with Bubinga - very nice look and feel.

Don’t know nothing about the amp, sorry!

All in all: seems like a good deal, and, again, you should be able to re-sell if you don’t like the bass or the amp. Out of curiosity: does the bass have the possibility to switch from active to passive? With that and the P-J configuration, it could be a very versatile bass!