Visual artists?

Curious if there’s any other visual artists (draw, paint, sculpt, etc.) who have also picked up the bass. Myself, I draw, paint and create jewelry. Now I’m trying very hard to learn this instrument!


Check out this link on the forum:


Hey Jeanette!
Ive been painting for years and was heavily into drawing (ink only) in my teens.
Thought I might have a career as an artist but went on to become a Sr., Programmer for IBM.
Go figure. LOL!



@Doc_Ivory Hi! Yeah, life likes to change our plans for us, doesn’t it? I also used ink in my teens, moved on to graphite. Painted on and off, but more into drawing. I’m a self taught artist. When I was a little kid I would draw “stick horses” on the blank page of my parents hardcover books. Then I found my Mom’s gold nail polish (? it was the 60’s lol) and proceeded to paint a stick horse on the side of their dresser. :scream: So for Christmas I got a Jon Gagney Learn To Draw Kit.


Hey Jeanette, me too.
Just picked up the pens (BIC colored at the time) and started going. Same with oils and stuff
this is something I’m working on now. Not much (yet) but he’ll get there as I put all the bass layers down, add detail, shadow and stuff.
Gotta keep active!!!


@Doc_Ivory Looks like you paint like I do, pencil outline of the subject, with a photo taped onto the easel. Do you paint the eyes first? I do. I feel if I get the eyes, the rest will look more realistic. I’m looking more at your easel. Is this a French easel? I was wondering about the piece that the photo is taped to. Now I guess I need to take some photos of my stuff. :smiley:


Hey Jeanette!
Yes, I try to block in the eyes first. Not a finished product but close enough that I will give a good feeling to keep going.
Ive always taped my pic to the side of the easel and drew in the outline. Don’t know where I picked that up but always have done it that way.
Nope, not a French style easel, just a small, folding table top. I had a large and HEAVY floor stander but gave it up a few years ago.

I’ll post a pic of how my little tropical frog comes along!


I agree 101%. This is especially true for portraits, where a lot of people may know the subject.

This is a French easel.

Very handy for plein air. :+1:

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Nice beginning to the tree frog.
I look forward to the updates.
Is this in Oil or Acrylic?

I have a question for you.
Have you ever used a camera obscura to transfer pictures/live scenes to a canvas/paper for the initial outline?

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I have exactly the same that the one pictured, and yes actually it’s french :grin:

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This is oil, very thinned out initially. As I progress, the thickness of the oils gets heavier. I just mix with less and less linseed.

Never tried a camera obscura.
I probably should though.
Have you used one?

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I really should invest in a decent French easel. Would make things much better than dragging around my paint boxes.

Yes I have. I actually built one many years ago but it was a pain to use so I just reverted to using my proportional dividers. These days there are better options.

Here is a link to an IOS and Android app that does the same thing.

Some have said that this is cheating BUT when you see old masters like DaVinci, Vermeer and others using the old mechanical versions there must be something to it.

This tool will not make you an artist. What it does do is save you time in getting the initial proportions of your subject onto your drawing/ painting surface.

Just thought you may be interested.


That it does. :+1:


Now THAT was a neat video!!!
Ive been doing so long the “old fashioned” way that this might a nice way to relieve my eyes a little.
Heading put to the app store to get little !
-Doc (my eyes ain’t what they used to be…)

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Think I’ll sketch out a plan to build one this weekend!

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If you build one you will probably be disappointed in what it can accomplish compared to the app.
The main thing I found was the lack of contrast.

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My mistake.
I’ll sketch out a plan to build a French Easel!!!
Should be too, too hard.

I have the Da Vinci app now!!!
I’ll be giving it a try soon!

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You are more than welcome.

There are other apps like this but IMHO I think this is one of the best.

When I do plein air I usually take a reference picture of the scene right at the start. This comes in handy later because the sun is always moving and contrast and lighting etc. are constantly changing, which can be a pain in the bum.

Let me know what you think of it.

Sounds like a plan. I know they are not cheap to buy.