Vocal lessons/course online?

Hey y’all! Anyone know of or have any experience with vocal lessons online? Are there any YouTube people you like or any paid subscription courses you can recommend?

A little background info: in 2018, I had to have my thyroid removed, and it created some scar tissue in my neck. It’s not terrible, but it has affected my ability to sing and hit certain notes consistently. And the notes I have trouble with aren’t necessarily difficult notes; it’s more about where the scar tissue is located, like having a broken key on a piano. The A is fine, the C is fine but for some reason the B won’t play. So I’m looking for vocal warm-up, whole lessons, anything therapeutic, etc, to help restore some of the range that I lost from the surgery. Thanks!

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I have a couple sets of Singing Straw Pros and have done their recent “Boot Camp” which improved things a lot for me. The method behind the straws is creating resistance, kinda like lifting weights I guess? The Pros come in three sizes, 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm while the regular ones are 3mm x3. I discovered them from the Metal Mastermind’s Metal Vocal Virtuoso coach Elizabeth de Dues who recommended them. I’ve gained a lot more strength and range on either end of my voice pretty quickly. The Pros came with a little card that mentioned the 4mm is useful for bigger/deeper voices or recovering from illness/injury.

I’ve since seen the straws recommended by other voice coaches I’ve come across. Also, during the boot camp Whitney told people without straws they could use normal drinking straws with the ends partially blocked, etc. Liquid will condensate out the end of these things, FYI…

I don’t know about that specific type of injury, though.


Thanks @Koldunya - I will check those out! I think what I have isn’t too unusual, and is more a matter of just doing some sort of exercise to keep it from tightening up. And if will help extend range, well that’s not a bad thing either. :smiling_face:


You’re welcome. If you decide on the straws, I will say most coaches I’ve seen have their own 10% discount codes :eyes: (take that how you will lol) and if not, I’m pretty sure I have a 10% off code floating around my emails somewhere.

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3 YouTubers come to mind. The Charismatic Voice, Beth Roars, Ken Lavigne, and Sam Scott Thorne.

They seem pretty grounded.

And I can’t count. Too bad


Lol! Thank you for the recommendations, regardless of number. I feel like there is a bad bass player joke in here somewhere, but I don’t want to think about it :grin:

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