Volume problem

I got a volume problem regardless of whatever amp I play thru . And that is that the volume will go up and down on its own while I’m playing. I know ( think) it’s probably from my pedal board I just can figure out the issue. Hope someone can help.


Hi @CMVC, welcome to the forums! The way to troubleshoot this would be to remove the pedal board from the equation. Does the problem still occur with the bass plugged directly into the amp? In that case, it would be caused by either the amp or the bass itself. If the problem goes away, you’ll need to add your pedals back to the signal path one at a time until you find the culprit. Good luck!


After reading one of the pedal threads just now, I wonder if all pedals on your board are True Bypass… In that case, you may need one Buffered Bypass pedal in your chain. We’d have to know a little more about your pedal board, and you’d have to confirm this with one of our pedal gurus (I’m sure at least one of them will present themselves here).


If you have an active bass, make sure the battery hasn’t run out.


If you have an active bass a fresh battery is always a good first step. Then you have to isolate, first remove the pedal board. Then add things in one at a time until the problem shows up


It could be the lack of a buffer. You want one buffered bypass pedal in there somewhere early in the chain to prevent tone suck on passive basses. If the bass has an active EQ preamp that will suffice too.

I liked to have a buffered bypass tuner right at the start, never had any issue with that.


+1 to this. It’s so important to keep a strong signal at the start of your chain.

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Thx to everyone for all the suggestions.

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