VOX amPlug 2 Bass Headphone Amp

Here is the 2nd part of the article on ferrites and RFI.


I decided I’m going to return my Vox amPlug 2 Bass Headphone Amp. I’m not going to disparage the thing. I can see how it would be useful in a number of different situations but, for me, it just wan’t a fit.

As for the ferrite (bead/core/ring) solution, based on what I’ve read, I don’t think it would help in this situation. Also, given the current pandemic, I can’t find any I wouldn’t have to buy in bulk. Thanks @MoorBass.

As for the ground loop isolator, recommended by @forrestgibb, this looks like the best solution. However, I’m not willing to spend $10 more on something I’m planning to return.


Hi Eric,

Yes, after some basic testing this weekend using a laptop and a pair of amplified speakers that produce a hum, the ferrite did not remove the hum. The ferrite works for external noise, like RF signals from my ham radio.

I agree, the solution proposed by @forrestgibb seems be the best choice.

Good luck heading down your fretboard journey! Stay safe, more bass.

Butch (aka MoorBass)


Hi all,

I was afraid by the buzz you talk about - I thought it was some king of larsen or electric noise. Actually it is more like whitenoise, some kind of “ffffff”. I find it totally bearable compared to the signal of the bass. The whitenoise is not getting stronger if you use the aux input, so I can listen to Josh and my bass at the same time.

It is definitely not perfect at all, and you should definitely use a real amp if you can! But I’m in an apartment and I’m very satisfied with this setup.

Cheers and please forgive my approximative English.


@VNRPPR I found the same thing: a little bit of white noise that does not interfere with the bass or the lessons over aux. It’s fine for the audience of one it is intended to serve. At this point in the lessons, a little noise in addition to what I am playing is probably for the better.


The little bit of noise that is always there is fine. The noise some of us were talking about is worse. It happens when you hook it up to certain devices. For me, if I use my cell phone in the aux port, while my cell phone is also plugged into the wall. I believe someone was having it elsewhere. It is a wonderful little device overall, but if the way you want to use it happens to cause that really bad hum it can be a bummer.


Oh OK I understand, my bad. I’m using a jack cable from a 2015 Mac Book Pro to the amplug, and I can’t hear additional noise, even when the laptop is charging. But I guess it depends on the whole electrical setup, and that is beyond my skills level :wink:


Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with the AmPlug. It just doesn’t work out for everybody, depending on your environment, setup, needs.

I still think it’s a cool device. It just didn’t work for me because of grounding problems.

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I really like it for the flexibility but I do find I can easily get into bad habits with it. It doesn’t seem to highlight my failings in the same way that using an amp does.

E.g. I sound much cleaner with the AmPlug but when I plug back into my amp I get to hear a lot of string noise from poor fretting hand technique and then spend my next couple of practice sessions fixing my technique. Perhaps it is just my selective hearing. Or perhaps my amp (Fender Rumble 15) just doesn’t like me ;-(


It is also most likely the EQ settings on your amp, more profound high and mid, even at 12 o’clock.
Try cutting the high pass, and possibly the mid.
It’s good to hear mistakes you can correct, but there is some amount that is going to happen no matter what, so try to adjust the amp to cover that bit up


Yeah this definitely sounds like an EQ thing to me too.


Thanks @T_dub and @howard - yes; tweaking the EQ definitely improves my playing! It is just frightening how quickly I could slip back into bad habits.


Cool, glad it helped.

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