Wannabe Stingray question

As I sit there and play, a question arises. The Stingray-alike I bought is wired passive, with a VVT layout. In fact, the two coil banks behave like a jazz bass. This is akin to the Stingray-thing from Harley Benton.

Anyhoo, I’ve discovered that the neckward coil alone sounds great, though a bit boomy. The bridgeward coil is thinner, “fartier”. A lot like a JB. However, interestingly, the output on the neck coil is probably double that of the bridge one. The bridge coil dimed is half as loud as the neck one. What could be the cause of this?


Aren’t all bridge pickups like that by nature? Being much closer to the saddle, the strings resonate at a much lower amplitude in that area, which results in lower output on the pickup. You can raise the pickup to compensate for it to a certain extent.


Hi @akos , that’s what I thought as well, but this is a music man style humbucker in the bridge position, and I didn’t think the effect would be as pronounced between One Bank of coils and the other. What do you think?


Ah I get what you’re talking about now. I thought it was neck pickup vs bridge pickup, not the two sides of the bridge pickup.

Carry on then, I have no experience with those. :slight_smile:


Gotta love that fart sound. :rofl: Only farts I get is from crappy distortion pedals.


Maybe wiring is weird.


Do you mean that the wiring of the pickup to the pots, or the wiring within the coil itself?

Anyhow, the plan is that when I get it home, I’m going to wire it like a G&L wunkay. I’ll tear out one of the pots, leave a master volume, master tone with an 0.022mf tone cap, and then put in a three-way on-on-on switch wired parallel-single coil-OMG. I’m going to leave the existing pickup. I like the sound it makes.

Yes, coils are wound differently.