Warmoth Bass Video

I was researching bodies for my Bass build project on the Warmoth Channel when I saw this video. They make an interesting assertion about bass in it:

Basically the guy says, that Bass controls the song (genre). Watch it. Do you agree?


Man that thing has a deliciously low action. Love that angry buzz when he digs in.

I agree with a lot of his comments, about the way the bass drives the song.


Certainly a beautiful bass and yes he has some fair points. A prime example of the bassIst driving songs imho would be Steve Harris of Iron Maiden .
He did miss the main point though …
Bass players are gods and should be worshipped by all those other musicians around them ! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yes, I agree. I think drummers are in a similar situation as he describes.

It is just an in-depth view of the story, cartoons or sayings that basically amount to…

Sing get the fame and girls
Play guitar get the fame and girl.
Play bass or drums, haul the equipment.
Cuz drums and bass do the heavy lifting in the band anyway.

But, bass channels get love.
Bass vids on them get mass views

On mix guitar and bass channels, I can see bass videos getting less hits.

On mainly guitar channels I can see bass videos getting less hits.

I don’t know this channel, but if I watched it, I would mostly or only watch the bass vids.

The exception for this is GUNS AND GUITARS, but that’s because he is a bassist.

I am also willing to bet, if Josh and / or BassBuzz did a guitar video, or a
Those would be the least hit videos on YT by Josh and / or BassBuzz

If SBL, Or Talkingbass, or other bass channels did Seldom guitar Videos, I think they would have lower then average views, and / or likes

Some of it really, strictly boils down to, “who is your audience”

I don’t agree Bass Players get “No Love”
But it is more select, and comes from those with a greater appreciation for music, and the finer things in life.


Yes! i was thinking the same thing!

I agree. I think they’d get more “clicks” for bass if they didn’t make themselves into a guitar channel so much.

Good channel. He has to remind his viewers he’s really a bassist, but he plays guitar pretty well. Love his reviews; very well done. Lots of bass gear too.