Checking out the Black Friday sales and see this warning on a bass I was looking at…these warnings may have been there forever but I just never noticed. Playing bass (at least this bass) can be hazardous…addictive maybe…hazardous though?


I started playing bass while recovering from my cancer treatments (chemo and radiation). It’s now a year and a half later and I’m cancer free and healthy as can be.
But then, I don’t live in California where everything is hazardous to your health…


Welcome to the nanny state of California. Proposition 65 was a measure approved by California voters in 1987 that requires these warnings on items containing anything remotely carcinogenic.

The culprit in this case is likely nickel, which is found in stainless steel, chrome plating and most guitar strings. Also most silverware.

Here in California we generally ignore such warnings. :roll_eyes:

Hipshot has a good response to this silliness here.


Prop 65 was one of those things that needed to happen but went overboard. There were some corporations that seriously needed a smackdown at the time.

(It was in response to high levels of carcinogens found in drinking water, actually causing cancer in people).

Prop 65 was massively popular and well received at the time - it passed by a huge margin, and was effective in reducing environmental emissions of the listed chemicals into water and air by something huge, like 85%.

The problem is, over the years it’s caused the overlabeling issue, and seems kind of twee and silly now. But it was important at the time and solved a real problem.


Thats awesome, like I said it could have been there all along I just never noticed it


California is the most over governed state in the U.S. I don’t think you can even fart without a license.
I lived outside of L.A. for a couple of years and was very happy the day I moved out of there.


It seems that there are a lot of warnings on so much stuff. I always assumed it was a sort of get out jail free card should anyone wish to sue a manufacturer?
It does mapmaker me smile at some warnings on stuff like firearms ammo etc Apparently lead is a hazardous substance. Surely is especially when propelled at several thousand feet per second :joy: