Warnings from @T_Dub

Is anyone else getting warnings from T_Dub.
I’ve now had three.
I posted in the wrong post, guilty.


what does it mean ? what is a “warning” ?


If you have done something wrong, you get a warning not to do it again. “Attention”


OK, I didn’t knew this function


No idea this existed.


Me neither.

I just know that @Bassbot sometimes reminds me to add other people into the conversation. But warning?
And why from a member?

That’s weird…


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @Bassbot display help.


Not quite sure what you mean, @Jamietashi

The system often tries to “help” and or “remind” users when they are making posts and replies.

For example, If there are several replies from the same user, or if a post is very old it will do this.

HTH and all best, Joe


What exactly did the warning say?

This sounds odd to me


Isn’t that warning supposed to come from BassBot? If it has no typos, it’s not @T_dub.


@PamPurrs I also find it odd, that is why I was asking if I was the only one that was getting his warnings.
If he is sending out warnings to everyone that post’s under the wrong heading then I wont feel singled out.
If however I’m being singled out I take that as bullying. The “Josh said” is like something from schooldays.

The first post I was warned about

  1. @RolandDehli congratulations. That was quick guitar slight_smile guitar
    Josh asked us not to post reply in this thread, so I deleted mine. Just fyi
    That was 11 DAYS AGO
    Second warning same post

  2. @RolandDehli congratulations. That was quick guitar slight_smile guitar
    Remember, no comments n beginner to bad ass reviews.
    Those go in the alumni thread when / if they find it.
    I know it’s hard not to, it goes against every natural feeling in my body.
    But if one does it, others follow suit, and you get a thread full of congratz, and not so many reviews.
    That’s th main reason I say something, to prevent everybody from doing it.
    Bad @Jamietashi, bad @Jamietashi. :joy::joy::joy::joy:
    Just kidding :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:

  3. This one I just read was a retraction.

Sorry, never mind me, my hand slipped I guess, when going to a “new” post, and for some reason I thought you just posted this
Bad @T_dub Bad @T_dub

My bad, I will go back to my corner and put my dunce cap on, and turn and face the wall
I got another telling me that it was not a warning

  1. I apologize for the mistake. Please don’t take it as a warning, it was more of a reminder. But I quickly corrected the mistake since I was the one at fault.
    I will not do this anymore

I think I understand what you’re referring to now, @Jamietashi . . . :slight_smile:

Josh wants to limit his “Beginner to Badass Reviews” topic to reviews only, (meaning no other discussions) so that anyone on the Internet searching for his course wouldn’t be distracted.

Apparently, T_dub voluntarily retracted his posts to comply with that.

So, no, I wouldn’t take that as a “warning” from him . . . :slight_smile:

Cheers, Joe