Warped pickguard?

Hey folks, I need some guidance on an aftermarket pickguard I just received. It arrived in a rather warped condition which definitely seems wrong. I’m wondering if this is common and screwing it in place will be enough to straighten it out or if this ought to be returned.

It’s for a Strat so I figured I’d keep it out of the bass gear topic, but there’s probably still people here who can help, any input is appreciated.


I would send it back. It looks like the pickguard routes don’t quite line up with the adjusting screw holes and has twisted the pickguard. IMO.
If it looked like that before the hardware was attached It more than likely got too close to a heat source.
Send it back.


no way, return it.


Thanks @Phud @John_E , figured that would be the best bet, just wanted a second opinion :upside_down_face:


If for some reason you can’t return it. I’ve used this method before and it works. But that is in pretty bad shape!


I would send it back . . . and I’m surprised that they even sent it in the first place. :roll_eyes:



@GanglyCloth Return it. I have bought pickguards from Musiclily, Kaish, IKN, Fleor and even Fender for my own basses and guitars and builds for others I have worked on. All from Amazon cause the local chain is too expensive. Some fit perfect and some do not. If they just need a little bit of sanding on a given side I’d fix it. The rest that did not fit especially because of miss aligned holes got return or exchanged. Funny that even though their replacement is from the same company they fit second time around. Maybe its a question of QC. As far as buying the OEM, I have found no benefit at all to spend so much more money. For builds that had odd screw holes I would buy pickguards that allow you to make the holes and with a drill and countersink bit they work out very well. What ever you do never alter the body to accept the PG. IE drill new holes. I am sure you can find a pickguard that works and looks good for your guitar. Good luck.


I was going to make a cheeky joke about “warped pickguard you mean pick holder” but that is crazy to see. I’d return it ASAP. I’m amazed they even shipped it that way at all; maybe it happened in transport? Either way, I wouldn’t pay for that if at all possible.


I’m very much a “shit happens, if I can make do I will” kinda guy. If it was a little warped I’d try to flatten it out. But that? That is… way more than a little warped.

Me, myself, I would send that back.