Watch out!

Fake money being distributed in and around Ohio and Indiana. (At least)

The shoulder on mr. Jackson is ridged, you should be able to feel it. There is no black light reactive security strip and there is no water-marked face in the bill.

The bills are a tiny bit smaller. Probably like 1 or 1,5 mm. In length and width.

Be aware, folks. And i hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.


I used to work at Disneyland in my college years. We see the counterfeit and short changed artists team in a daily basis. They probably have the best under cover securities because it was less than 60 seconds after I reported the crooks were snatched out of sight. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any body parts back stage, lol.


They fed them to the Mouse


Yes, and they needed to.


Not quite the same, but in my teenage years I used to sell food at the football in Australia. It involved lugging around food and drink in a large box around your neck. The trick back then was for people to fold up a note, but it was only half a note. By the time you realise, they have taken their food and run off.

Didn’t happen too often, but I remember the shock on a guys face when he tried it on me twice in one game - I told him to F-off which I thought was pretty brave at the time for a 15yr old.