Way to Kill sales SamAsh

I was browsing Reverb and on my feed was a German made 4 string Warwick Infinity SN TCS (set neck, Tone Chamber System). It looks great and the price is about on the edge of being over but anyways I want it so I made a small offer hoping to cover the tax, but for sure I would not be buying it from Reverb because SamAsh has different return policy than their own policy, which is 14 days VS 45 days SamAsh.

Anyways I called the San Diego location and after a few conversations and hold I got to Britt, a real gem. He said where did I find this listing, I said reverb. he asked what he could do for me, I said may be a bit more discount than $80 counter offered I received. He said to go back and counter it again on reverb. What?

I said I want to use my interest free offer SamAsh card so I’d be buying direct, plus I want to have the 45 days return. Britt then said then that would be the best price I could offer unless I go back to reverb and make another counter offer. He then, started to say that they have integrity if I saw the listing from reverb even if I buy direct from SamAsh they would still be paying Reverb the cut. (That’s probably my last purchase they left the SB1 listing up for 2 months after it was sold.)

Clearly, this Britt really think very highly of himself and giving customers lectures on ethics. I was all GASsed up and ready to go and now it’s a mood kill. Kudos SamAsh, You just saved me two grand.

Here’s the listing


Dealing with Sam Ash sales associates has always left me puzzled. It’s like they don’t want to make the sale. For me the last few times I’ve been there the story always ends the same; I jump in my car and drive to GC.


It’s the strangest thing in the world. I’m on the phone and asking to buy the bass and they kept finding ways to say no to me. Even when I want to get started on the payment he’s still find the way to talk me out of it. It’s so bazaar!


What a dummy


That actually sounds right. Since you admitted you found the item through the reverb listing, they would still have to get paid for the listing fee, works the same way in real estate. Kind of sucks but that’s how she goes sometimes. You could probably get it with a Sam Ash card but they would definitely factor in the listing fee on your price


No doubt, I don’t question that at all. I was not even asking them about that. I just wanted to get the bass but the guy wouldn’t let me. I don’t care what they have to do on their end. I wanted them to give me a price. They advertised for lower price please call. I did. The guy just went on and on about giving the cut to reverb.

They probably paid a grand for that bass, there’s still a lot of meat left give me a number don’t brush me off. I’m a customer calling the store trying to give them money. He’s a manager he knows the margin and what he could sell it for. Just another poorly trained employee who ended up sabotaging the company. They have a lot more room than 3.75% discount.

I also call BS on the company practice. They don’t cut the percentage to reberb on my last purchase. I called the store to buy direct and the listing was on for another 2 months before “item is no longer available” not sold on reverb. It was during the holidays and I didn’t get to the bass till a few weeks later. There were some issues and in accurate description I tried to return it to my local samash the guy at the front was a real Ahole and was very condescending saying that it was a reverb purchase and I was out of luck. I double checked it was not I used samash card.

I called the original store the GM there was very apologetic and tried to get the return picked up then he offered me $200 off to keep the bass, so I did. Problem solved.


Yeah it confuses me when companies don’t haggle on used equipment. They don’t sell that quickly and especially in a store at high risk of being damaged by every day traffic


They are not mom&pop consignment so they need to turn over inventory quickly if not the overhead will kill the profits quickly. That’s why they gouge so bad when they buy your instruments.

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Call the 800 number, tell them what you want to buy and ask for a deal.
Don’t deal with local dummies.


I sent an email out and someone already replied today that they forwarded to management. I’m looking at a couple of Warwick right now one is the Mig fortress one. I’ll see what up. If Samash replies back I’d get the infinity. Heck! I might pick it up in person from Britt. That I’d paid full price to see.


Actually that guy saved you a lot. Those infinity’s aren’t great…thin sounding and resale is trash. The fortress is by far my fav Warwick body shape…the others have an extended nut reach…just my opinion….but I think for 2500, you can get way better choices. Zebrano is a nice looking wood though…onward and upward my friend :wink:

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Thanks for the info, especially the resale value. I like the chambered construction, 26 frets and Rickenbacker inspired design.

Well my friend it didn’t save me any, in fact I ended up with way more than I started, I went on the tilt and bought 2 corvette $$ one is the Masterbuilt Preowned and another new, lol.


bahahahaha You’re Welcome !! If theres anything else i can do, let me know. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

BTW Gorgeous basses!! Excellent choices :ok_hand: