We dont need no high end!


We dont need no high end!


I love this tune! Victor sells a one-hour lesson on this song on his website too, for anyone interested, it’s pretty in-depth (production quality is wanting for some Bass Buzz magic though) - https://www.vixmerch.com/collections/instructional/products/u-cant-hold-no-groove-if-you-aint-got-no-pocket-digital-lesson


I must check this out! Would be an interesting project on top of my daily attempts at Knights of Cydonia at full speed (I can only play the gallop at 75 percent with decent accuracy right now…gonna experiment with some big stubby 3mm I ordered to see if it helps). Would be a high bar for me to clear but there is always the option of playing it slow and plodding along for awhile. Ive had this on heavy rotation on my ipod playlist during my daily 2 mile walks.