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All the early Motown Bassists. A particular non Motown favorite is the bass line on “Our Minuet” by Joshua Redmond.


Hey Josh, Thank you for that Cool welcome. I love the bass and it would just so smooth to play the bass . I don’t own a bass now , I play Tenor Sax . But I want to get my hands on one . So I came across this website and thought, well I just might be able to pick up some stuff , because I just might have access to a bass . I’m a sort of retired pipefitter Steamfitter. Did some live drama shows, film , standup comedy, and played my horn on the street . I also paint on canvas and I just love to cook . And they tell me that I’m a, not so bad of a cook .


Hey, you’re welcome! Hope your bass access works out. :slight_smile: