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Hey bass player! Welcome to the BassBuzz forum, a place to talk about all things bass. :guitar:

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All the early Motown Bassists. A particular non Motown favorite is the bass line on “Our Minuet” by Joshua Redmond.

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Hey Josh, Thank you for that Cool welcome. I love the bass and it would just so smooth to play the bass . I don’t own a bass now , I play Tenor Sax . But I want to get my hands on one . So I came across this website and thought, well I just might be able to pick up some stuff , because I just might have access to a bass . I’m a sort of retired pipefitter Steamfitter. Did some live drama shows, film , standup comedy, and played my horn on the street . I also paint on canvas and I just love to cook . And they tell me that I’m a, not so bad of a cook .

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Hey, you’re welcome! Hope your bass access works out. :slight_smile:

Good morning everyone I am a newby to bass buzz and can hardly wait to get started my bass is at the music store getting set up,

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Hey @lkh2859, welcome to the forum! This is actually an old dead intro thread, the live one is here: Introduce Yourself!

How did you find this thread? I need to update a link somewhere, I think… :slight_smile:

Hello Josh and everyone. My name is Ken and I thought could play bass a little but after really studying the course I found I was playing all wrong. I have stared the course from c/d 1 and it is really hard to play right… It is also hard to keep the space between left hand and the neck of the guitar, but working on it as I have short fingers. The biggest problem I have is the plucking right now as I tend to use the tips of my fingers when plucking and it makes the notes high pitched like I am doing the pulling away Josh talks about but I am not lifting and pulling away. It makes me feel like I have pointy fingers . Will that go away after playing a while???

Hey @hennesykenneth , welcome to the forum! This is actually an old dead intro thread, the live one is here, would you repost this there so you can be properly greeted? Introduce Yourself!

How did you find this thread? I need to update a link in an email somewhere, I think…

Glad to be in the class. I only wish I new about BassBuzz several years ago. I’m looking forward to learning and growing while on this journey. Coronavirus has us sheltered in so I’ll take advantage of the season.


Welcome @revnick2003!
To get the proper welcome check out the Introduce Yourself Thread! Same idea, but it gets the eyes and traffic.

Hey. Longtime player nearer the end than the start. Still working in 3 bands, bout all I can handle. I’m a pocket, groove player on 4 strings, electric and upright. I use a small-medium effects board, can slap and pop. I read treble and bass clefs, have a working knowledge of harmony.
Down to two electric basses, an active MM Sterling and a Passive P I built from parts. Recently sold off a Pedula Six string, a G&L and a sweet Fender ThinLine MIJ fretless.
Most gigs I use a 350-500 Watt head with a 210 cab and a DI. I can muscle up to a 800 Watt with a couple of cabs but prefer lighter & smaller letting the FOH carry the load.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m exploring the Pacific Northwest having moved to Portland 4 years ago. Considering Seattle next.
I ride a bike for fun, fish a little bit and enjoy traveling abroad.

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Hey @TheLowLife, welcome to the forum! This is actually a dead welcome thread, the live one is here -

I’ve tried to pull the link from this thread, but it’s clearly still showing up somewhere. Can you let me know exactly where you got linked to this thread? That would really help me save others from this grim fate. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you!