What are some good showpiece bass lines?


You know, when you want to impress friends, what are some go-to “wow” bass lines?


I’m older but to me one of the best bass lines is “We gotta get out of this place” by the Animals. If you haven’t heard it, check it out.


This, according to my 2011 self… :stuck_out_tongue:

I also love playing Good Times/Rapper’s Delight, especially since my closest friend knows the ENTIRE 15 minutes of rap from Rapper’s Delight. :slight_smile:


Haha, love that, Josh.

Funnily enough when I used to gig, way back, Rapper’s Delight was my sound check song.


It’s a classic, for sure :sunglasses:


As a bassist who came up in the 90s and did some time working in a music store, I think the most played ‘demo-the-bass-showpiece-basslines’ would be:
1.) Money - Pink Floyd
2.) Jeremy - Pearl Jam (older players only - the kids didn’t get into this one)
3.) Anything by Tool - usually The Grudge

LOTS of those three, with Pink Floyd’s “Money” winning by an easy, easy mile.


The intro lick to Schism is great too! I saw some kids with Tool shirts at a show a few weeks ago and played it for a second between songs and they flipped out. :slight_smile:


That’s one of our favourite things at a pub gig. Spot the best T-shirt and me and the drummer will play four bars or so. The look on the faces, “is that?” Also it’s kind of great as they suddenly realise you can probably play anything! Joy Division seems to be a favourite T, so we’ll do a few bars off a track. The surprising thing is when one realises they only own the T and not the record! Fashionistas, not music fans. Bah!


Tool … great shout. Not listened to them for ages boots up spotify


Haha,I switched on YT, same difference! Lol.


Haha! They should have those shirts taken away. :stuck_out_tongue:




Ever watched any of Rick Beato’s “What Makes This Song Great?” series videos?

Had a blast with Schism… he actually has the master stems (easiest to find than you may think, plus he’s a producer and should have tons of contacts) and can isolate instruments to show you.


I’ve seen those on Youtube but hadn’t actually watched one, watching now!


I hadn’t seen any either. That was King A! Checking out some more of them now! Ta!:grinning: