What are you listening to right now?


Some nice slapping in this one.

I like it.


I don’t listen to pop much, but if I did, Little Glee Monster would be on the playlist

First take is a series, they bring in artists, and they get one take at the song, and that’s what they post.

Here’s Wednesday Campanella one of their first takes

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Okay my foray into pop has ended. More female empowerment through metal


New Blink song
…glad these guys are back together


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I’m currently listening to one of the wheel bearings on my hay trailer squeaking and praying it’s not going to collapse on the trip home :joy:



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Another one that’s been on my list of “best covers of all time” for quite a while.


I probably still like the original more but then again it is hard to beat.


Blasting Spotify on the new speakers :smile:
(if you don’t know them, but you’ve been doing the 50 songs 100 weeks thing, yes, you probably do recognise the voice :wink: haha)

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Man, I have lost count of how many amazing new artists I have discovered through Tiny Desk. Found this today and it’s been on repeat…especially the freestyle jam.


My son’s friend’s band (2 guys) just released this and all I can say is DAMN! (18 yr olds)

Feels a lot like Hey there Delilah by the Plain White Tees. Would be cool to get these guys a few more follower :wink:

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LOL, My first attempt at transcribing (I don’t know what I’m Doing.gif). using the song above…Bass ripped out by Moises, of course.

Sounds very tight :sunglasses:
Not sure how to follow them though?

Nice! I’d move all the sharps there to just be by the clef as a key signature. Then if the song is actually in D Major (which it looks like to me) then add another sharp on C :slight_smile:

You said words!

I’m sure that will eventually make sense to me LOL. Thanks for the help. Honestly.

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That’s the youtube channel. It appears to be pretty new. I hope to hear more from these guys.

Edit, Their song, No More Apricots sounds really decent too!

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I tried to have my son explain that to me, Went right over my head. LOL

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Hang in there, you’ll learn it at some point. It’s a part of music notation and theory. Songs are in keys, and those keys are notated in certain ways in sheet music. Generally you only see accidentals (sharps and flats) in the body of a song like that if they are moving outside the key, and the key is notated by placing the sharps or flats next to the clef (the cursive F-shaped line at the start with the two dots surrounding “F” on the staff.)


What you wrote was technically correct and it’s a fine transcription, it’s just slightly different than it would usually be written, which isn’t a deal breaker, it will still work - it’s just going to look a little unusual to people used to reading music.

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Done @groaner :+1:


OK, Thanks for that explanation.
Luckily I’ll be the only one reading it. I’ll look for transcription info so I can be more correct, but for now, this soundslice.com site is amazing.

Just figured out the “sync” with the original music. Very coo.

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