What are you listening to this week?


Let’s share some music? My personal rotations go all over the place, from Victor Wooten to Verdi to Graham Central Station to James Taylor… it’s unpredictable, besides the constant injections of Bowie.

This week has been a lot of the 1977 Graham Central Station “Now Do U Wanta Dance” record. I think it’s becoming my favorite GCS record, so many good tracks. This is a must-hear:

Less popular but also loving it, the first track from side 2 of the record:

Whatchu got?


Hi Josh - lately, I’ve been reading a Blair Jackson biography about Jerry Garcia. As such, I’ve been listening to the Sirius XM Grateful Dead station. Found this David Letterman (1982) interview on YouTube with Jerry and Bob Weir - it’s hilarious, but there are some lucid moments in the interview. At the start of the show, DL instructs Jerry on how to strum Proud Mary. Sorry, no Phil Lesh here, . . . enjoy


@JoshFossgreen - Earthquake??? HOLY SHIT. This is it. This is IT. Trying to imagine seeing this/feeling this in a big, sweaty concert hall. Good lord.

I’ve been working my way through Bohemian Rhapsody.
The genius of that band - like, real, actual genius - not apple-store-oh-my-friend-is-a-genius-because-they-make-memes- but real, beyond-the-scope-of-mortals genius… becomes more and more clear the more I try and dig in.
I love it.


Yeah. So massive.

Funny, I was just listening to Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday! Same basslength? And yeah, nothing like Queen. Is there? So much brilliant harmony and performance, while still feeling like rock music. Ridiculous.

And @johnny_mirrex, I would love if you threw a favorite Dead track of yours my way here, to date I’ve had trouble getting into it and I’m always trying to get people to hip me to the extra good bits.


Almost anything by Sebastiaan Cornelissen (dr) and Frans Vollink (b) - great European fusion!

Or, for this community, Frans Vollink’s beautiful solo piece Tapatah:



As I’m reading these posts, “Under My Thumb” by the Stones has just come on my headphones. Definitely adding this to my “play along” list. Sounds quite simple - but I guess I’ll find out!
Really want to learn “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder but I think I’ll need to be Badass before attempting that one!!!


… oh and “The Trap” by Johnny Marr. Really like the changes on the Chorus. :blush::+1:t3:


I’m really into the Red Hot Chili Peppers this and most days . I always feel like I’m in Cali when ever I hear the haha!


Yeah, RHCP is always weaving in and out of my head. I still need to check out more of the new stuff, I always just put on an old favorite (Mother’s Milk, By The Way, Californication, Blood Sugar Sex Magik for me).


Really digging the Black Keys and Gary Clark Jr. these past few weeks. Taking a crack and transcribing and playing along to a handful of their tunes.


Been on an old school jazz kick lately. listening to old vinyl records- lots of Stan Kenton, Ramsey Lewis… and George Shearing. My fave by George Shearing is Speak Low - that stand up bass is just so amazing…

And of course, Sarah Vaugh… that voice - it just gets me.


Damn that funky bass!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Town Called Malice - the Jam, London Calling - The Clash and Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
am hoping that they are basslines that I can attempt in the coming months without being too complicated. :+1:t3:


I put on some Cachao last week for the first time in a while and it was lovely! Beautiful music, beautiful bass playing, and a lot of dudes yelling “mambo!” (on this track anyway)


I‘m currently exploring the music of Steely Dan, don‘t know how I managed to ignore them all my life…


Congratulations, welcome to the Steely Dan club. :slight_smile: I love that stuff, such cool harmony and so many awesome bass lines.


Speaking of cool harmonies (and odd meters, multi-instrumentalists and, ahem, interesting outfits):

And Ray Shulman does play a mean bass!


Thanks for sharing, I need to get to know Gentle Giant better!

EDIT/UPDATE: This is awesome! They’re so fun to watch too, love the fun vibe onstage.


Among other things, as usual a lot of Om…