What are you struggling with?

Not sure it’s best practiced on a single string as the dynamics change as soon as you shift to another string.

I practiced running up and down scales. If you only pick the root once at either end you should keep coming back to the start on the same finger. This worked pretty well for me.

That said I’m not religious about it, sometimes it just makes it easier to repeat a finger.




We’re gonna need a bigger Bono :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea! I forgot all about that one

EDIT: U2, I mean. Not necessarily Jaws, lol


OK, I need to clarify about U2: I liked “One” and “With our without you” very much, the first several hundred times I heared it. But after I heared it several thousand times, I got a little fed up with it.

Great songs, but it made me not listen to radio anymore. Overexposure destroys passion!

So, these are some lesser known tracks that are also quite repetitive and use not so many notes too…

And let’s not forget some female voice:

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@AdamDickson once you’ve got some simple songs you like to listen to for your alternate plucking work then you might want to move away from watching the notes / tab and remembering where you are.

I like to use Chordify for practice. It gives the chord progression so you can keep track but no flash visuals or distractions just the song and you play over the top.

If you subscribe you can add features like looping certain sections you want to work on.

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This is tougher than I expected. I’m up to around 175 bpm, but now I’m having trouble getting good crisp articulation on the notes so they don’t get muddy. Definitely some of the issue is when I fall off the beat a little bit, but some is noticeable when I’m right on.

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So now you can play this!?

That generated tab is beyond messed up. The song is actually in 4/4, is 125bpm, and is a sixteenth note chug. It is absolutely not in 9/4 :rofl:

Here’s a correct tab:

I think Gibby’s long intro confused the software badly.

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Cool, thank you! That is one of my favourite tracks.

In fact I lived by the philosoph “So there was only one thing that I could do was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long” :slight_smile:

Is there any way to get me the score as GP5 or MusicXML, so I can correct the video?

Songsterr should support MIDI download. Might need to subscribe for that though.

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Yeah - subscription is to d#mn expensive. I’m waiting for a discount!

Looks like the download link is now missing from the free player. Bummer.

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Yeah, they changed that last year.

I redownloaded from https://ignition4.customsforge.com/

This is the derived score with “changed” tempi:

MinistryJesus Built My Hotrodv1_1_p ORG.pdf (1.6 MB)

And here I haved removed all tempo automations:

MinistryJesus Built My Hotrodv1_1_p NO AUTOMATIONS.pdf (1.6 MB)

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That’s the guitar tab, and it’s still wrong :slight_smile:

I am betting with a lot of these that are messed up that the long, unevenly timed intros are what fool it.

Ah, my mistake. Exported the incorrect tabs!

Again (oriinal from Ignitionsearch):

MinistryJesus Built My Hotrodv1_1_p ORG.pdf (1.5 MB)

Automations removed

MinistryJesus Built My Hotrodv1_1_p NO AUTOMATIONS.pdf (1.5 MB)

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Still incorrect - notated as being in 9/4 at 250+ BPM with eighth notes; in real life it’s in 4/4 at 125 BPM with sixteenth notes (and obvious differences in the measure boundaries).

Also stuff like this:

is absolute nonsense for standard notation.


OK, understood! I have to go get that §%$§%§%"$ songster tab!

Funny thing, in “Rockmith mode”, it still helps to play the song, as the notes themselves “fly in” at the correct time…

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Yeah this is one of those things where the machine transcription is just biting it hard :slight_smile:

Willing to bet it’s the lead-in that causes this.