What are your short and long-term goals?

I kind of have 4: 1) be competent enough to jam with other newbies; 2) become good enough to play in an weekend bar band; 3) understand enough theory to compose my own stuff; and 4) have enough knowledge of theory and enough technique to improvise over chord changes.

I 'think" I could do (1) now if I could find other people.


Honestly? My main long-term bass goal is a mix of your first two. I want to be good enough to competently jam with other people, and maybe horse around in a cover band or something.

My short-term goal is to make it through the BB course. :slight_smile:


Long term goal has always been an accomplished player like the combination of Jaco and East plus a few of my favs. Lol.

Short term goal has always been the same as well nail that next fill, next song, and next playlist.

If I can add a song a month I’m pretty happy.


mine are the same:

  1. Make music.

Short term: ride home on my bike with my bass without breaking anything
Long term: play the bass and then maybe sleep :slight_smile:

I have two and a bit weeks off so i’m going to try and get some stuff done and not just sleep and watch YT :joy:

Other than that, I’m working on the Players Path on SBL, working on some courses to improve my improv skills, doing the SBL 26 week technique accelerator course, going through the bass and guitar courses on Yousician and working on a walking basslines book. I don’t really set specific long term goals because i’m pretty dynamic with what i do… my long term goal for pretty much everything is to always improve a little at something every day.


Be very surprised if you can’t do this already.

My goals, I’m enjoying making music. Keep doing that

Learn 6 string so I can do a Babymetal cover

Finish the B2B course

Get rid of some basses


Be interested in your thoughts on this in due course. I got a gazillion emails from SBL about it.


Short term goals are fairly simple. Finish the B2B course, learn good technique for playing, gain a beginners grasp on theory.
Longterm my goal is to be able to pick the bass up and have impromptu jam sessions with other musicians, cover songs and write my own bass lines/grooves.

Got a lotta work before I even am close to completing my short term goals. Normally this kind of thing would overwhelm me, but I just find playing the bass to be so refreshing. It definitely ‘clicks’ more than any other instrument I’ve tried to learn.


My short term goal is to practice regularly and not give up

My long term goal is to be able to play everything by GNR and RATM


I think there’s a ton of good content in that site but Scott manages to annoy me enough that I haven’t really looked around enough.

Maybe it’s just me.


This is a really good thread topic - just by asking the question! I struggle immensely when it comes to bass playing and setting goals. Other than enjoying music, I really don’t know what I want with it in the long term. I mean, yes, I want it all and I want it now!

On a daily basis, I get too easily distracted by yet another lick I could learn, yet another song to dive into, yet another scale exercise and so on.

Setting realistic goals and breaking them down into manageable chunks is astonishingly hard for me.

Oh, yeah, I could say I want to play like Hadrien Feraud, but that is not a realistic goal :wink:

I know they should be SMART (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, time-bound/time-limited). I had that framework with Josh’s beginner course, but now I am all over the place…

But, hey, thanks for making me reflect on that… I guess I need to do some serious goal-defining during the weekend :face_with_monocle:


My goals are:

  1. Have fun playing bass
  2. Play something everyday
  3. Accepting that there’s no such thing as talent, it’s putting the work in that gets you there.
  4. Not buy another bass (for a while!)

Isn’t that the truth though?

“Ok, I gotta sit down and practice scales. Here we do. Do, re, mi, fa, so… man, I’d really like to learn the bassline to Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads. Great bassline. Wait, scales. Do, re, mi, fa, so… ♪♫ zombie, zombie, zombeee… beeeee… beeeeee ♪♫ I bet that bassline tab is on the 'net somewhere, let me go check. Stop! No! Scales! Do, re, mi, fa… my mids sound a bit high. Let me mess with my EQ for second. Ah, that’s better… gosh, that sounds like the tone in Hotel California by the Eagles. I need to keep working on that song. HOLY HELL, STOP IT! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE PRACTICING SCALES!”



Yeah, but I learned a lesson working on the NIB intro from Josh’s video. It’s written in E Pentatonic, so I practiced that scale a bit.

And then I wrote a melody in the scale.

And this past week during my in person lesson, my teacher put on a random drum track, and I started improvising around it, and pulling from Iron Man and NIB, created a bass line in E Pentatonic

So for me, learning songs is a lot of fun, but to create, scales help a lot. So I’m spending more time in scales.

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I think there’s a ton of good content in that site but Scott manages to annoy me enough that I haven’t really looked around enough. Maybe it’s just me.

Nope: Not just you. I find him extremely condescending. I wont watch any more of his stuff after trying to watch his nashville numbering segment where he says something to the effect of “everybody knows this. If you don’t know this you are not serious and just playing around.” —Ironic to say such a thing when your audience is people who don’t know it.


I know they should be SMART (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, time-bound/time-limited).

Hello fellow middle-management brethren.


I have written out my roadmap, so I can’t split it into short or long term because it takes as long as it takes, and many of them I will pause and resume later. On the horizon are improving technique, working on chords, accurately singing the notes in pitch, improving my ability to walk, learning to solo tastefully(short solos that fit the music and add to the music).

My overarching aims are to make my own music that I’m happy with and to play in a jazz band.

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When you get a chance, start a new topic and tell us about it. I think there are more than a few people around here curious about how it all goes. Lots of people get put off by his YouTube videos but I’ve heard his classes are not like those.


I feel this. It describes where I’m at pretty well.

Short Term - just learning to play songs I like.

Long term - learning to play by ear and create cool grooves.

Will do!

Ya his classes are not like the YT stuff. I like his teaching style and the insight he adds but that’s really a personal preference; some people just want you to shut up and just teach the techniques.