What bass is this? (harder, better, faster, stronger funk cover)

Couldn’t find it myself, so i hand it off to more knowledgable people


Like most videos they never give the bass player enough time.

From what I could see it looks like precion bass style body with a reversed precision pickup in the bridge position and a jazz style pickup in the neck position.

I’ve never seen one like this before but there is a lot I haven’t seen. My guess would be a custom bass.

What you usually see is the precision pickup staggered in the opposite direction and it’s in the neck position with the jazz style pickup in the bridge position.


It’s definitely a dual P pickup.


Headstock looks Fender to me.


There is no brand name on the headstock.
My guess is custom as well. But who…


Yep. My bad. It sure is.


BC Rich did alot of double P set ups and reverse P set ups.
It doesn’t really look like a P bass with P/J pick ups that was routed, cuz those pockets seem like they fit the bass, with no gaps.
It is a custom for sure, but wonder if it was like a BC Rich body that turned into a FrankenBass. Having a different neck added could be to take it from a P neck to a J neck? I beleive most BC Rich basses have Huge P style baseball bat necks, so to change it to a Jazz neck may have been the intention, cuz the neck width up near his hand does not look to be super wide, is looks more narrow. Of course that could be his huge hand, but the hands are not insane big, so IDK.

If there are other builders that did alot of double P or triple P passive basses, with some or all the P pick ups reversed, that could be one of them as well.
But for now, Since it appears to be sponsored by BuckWheat, we could just call it The Buckwheat.


Again, we can’t be sure, but as I was saying,
B.C. Rich makes that shape of bass.

And they are known for doing pick ups like this.


I can’t find a reversed P on a B.C. Rich on Reverb, cuz there are not many listed, but with some search, I am sure I can find some.


You can tell they are really wide P bass style necks, so replacing it with a fender Jazz neck, kind of makes sense if thats what you like in a neck, like I do.