What beats the Rumble 100 in the same price range?

So my Rumble 100 got fried yesterday. Even used on E-Bay, you can’t find the most recent model for anything under $300, which is its retail price. Those things just maintain their value and last for ever, so you won’t find them a lot in the used instrument market.

Because I have another rig which is in the 4 figures, I’m not really motivated to pay more than $400 for a replacement practice amp. I am almost certainly gonna go for a Rumble 100 again, but I was wondering if there were any other options in the $300-$400 range which you think might be giving the Rumble a run for its money. For example, they might have a better distortion channel (the Rumble’s is not very good).

I am not looking for lots of flim flam and effects; I have pedals for that. I’m looking for decent tone in the $300-$400 range. I have a more mature rig for greater needs in terms of both tone and volume.


I love my SWR’s
They are old but awesome.
You can get a WorkingMan12, which is like 120w with a 12" speaker for probably $200 in excellent condition, and below.
I got my WorkingMan 15 for $100, and the matching Add on 4x10 cab for another $100.
I also got my Workingman 10 for $100.

I just saw a LIKE NEW (yes, even for a 20 year old amp, still like new) Workingman 12 for $200

I also like the Hartke Kick Back’s and HD series combo amps.
i got a Kickback 10 which was 120w and 10" speaker for $100 too, but I sold it when I found the SWR WorkingMan10 I had been looking for.

I have seen some nice Gallien Krueger 300w 2 x 10" speaker for around $250.

There are lots out there to look at of course, and it just depends what is available to you locally on Offer Up or CL or FB market, or whatever you look for 2nd hand gear at.


That I’ve been able to find, nothing.

If you want to save a few bucks, definitely go with what @T_dub was saying.

If you’re looking to buy new, then the Rumble 100 is pretty damn good. The build quality, tone, and features you get for $300, is very hard to beat. As for the distortion, I couldn’t find any in that range with a good one.

The only reason I would recommend anything else is if someone didn’t like the Fender bass amp sound.

Since it’s just for practice, have you considered something like the Darkglass Element?


Rumble 100 + Distortion pedal = economic happiness