What can you use an effects loop for other than effects?

I tried using google to find information about this but either my google-fu is weak or there isn’t anything out there or I didn’t know the right questions to ask.

Has anyone experimented with this?

Since it’s before the power amp can you use it for things other than effects?
Audio in on the effects loop in?
Out to another amp on the effects loop out?
Can you use a pre amp on an effects loop?

Any other crazy stuff I haven’t thought of?

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with series loops, you can use one amp’s preamp on another amp’s power amp. that’s interesting for example if you have a small power amp with a great preamp. it’s usefull in gig situations : you can come with your small amp (or only a preamp), and plug it into another amp’s PA to have enough power for your gig. this way your tone won’t be coloured by the big amp’s preamp.
what is really interesting to me are parallel effect loops. they allow to use two preamps at the same time into the same power amp.


Terb pretty much covered it. It is also good as a line level send - out to recording gear if you don’t have a dedicated D.I. for instance. Not ideal but a good stopgap.