What is the day of your inner-self “bass-birthday”

What is the day of your inner-self “bass-birthday” (BBD.)

If, for argument sake a bass-birthday is defined as the day one first takes ownership of a bass guitar, then I was born in the last week of December 2023.
What was your BBD and how do you define that day?

Here today, I am some six months older in “calendar time” but have barely opened my eyes into the world of bass guitar even though the thought of playing bass has been in my psyche for decades.

The time difference between my actual birthed day and BBD is about 59 years. If I have only 22,000 days, then I need to up my bass skills if I am to feel reasonable satisfaction in this instrument. I have done very little in this journey (other than set up a reasonably dedicated practice space.)

I still need to learn how to roll over let alone crawl and then walk.
But what are the years that are the bookends of my life, of my Bass Life?
…and, more importantly, what is keeping me back from living a bassic life?

With whom am I in competition,
is it myself or some other stranger?
Why am I not getting more into this crazy little thing called Bass Guitar…
Is it because I am afraid that I will fail at it?
Or am I fearing that I will succeed.



How does that make you feel?


This is a groovy idea.
I don’t remember the day, but I know it was 1992.
The first time I played a bass was at my friend Nat’s house.
He let me take it home so I could practice (for our band).
That was the beginning.

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I had to think about that.

Without going through a litanic dissertation…
I am the worlds biggest procrastinator.

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