What is the Garage Band equivalent for Windows

Can I install Garageband Windows app?


No. It’s iOS locked. The equivalent would be probably Reaper, which is also “free”.


I’ve been using Reaper and its really nice. Once you get over the basics of how to use it, it can be simple.

Once I learned why my recorded bass line didn’t line up with the imported music track it all started to come together really well. It’s been a very good learning experience to record my bass playing along with songs and then sit back and listen to how I did.

Reaper has a try out version you can use to check it out.


While the free try out version last forever - I like to support software developers so I bought it for $60 one of the best software values I have ever come across.


I suck at modern computers. I downloaded reaper, watched a few tutorials for recording covers and had it figured it out in an afternoon. I also tried a bunch of other free ones, but found reaper to be most intuitive…i am a menu/file folder kinda guy-- not flashy icons arranged in non linear logic.


I have a MacBook and still use reaper because it was too much effort to learn GarageBand :-). and some of the Reaper plugins are just really good too.

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and the funny thing is, most people either don’t know they are there, or skip them because of the spartan UI’s :slight_smile:


I found Roland go mixer pro very EZ to make videos with quality audio. I do use reaper just to record audio. But for audio video. Roland go pro,does good job. It’s a little expensive at 150.00 but just record and play. Downloaded app. you cut video to add text, pictures and trim video ect. I don’t spend much time making my videos. A couple of minutes.