What is this?!?

I has three tabs like a stereo output jack. With a mono connection. Could anyone please help me identify this, and it’s uses?

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Switchcraft shorting jack?


What are they used for?

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Input jack

Like installed in a bass or guitar. What is the 3rd tab for?

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More like on an amp. Used to short tip to ground on an amp input when nothing is plugged in.




I know the difference between a mono and stereo output/input jacks. But, what I’m not understanding is quarter inch two tab TS jack would be used for.



Looks like you have the mono jack.

Do you have the wiring diagram for your electronic. I still don’t understand your questions. How did you get this jack? Did it come out from your project bass?

Type 12b switched output jack I do not have the wiring diagram. Could you show me how it would be wired for the switched. I understand how it would be used as a mono jack.

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What kind of pickup configuration?

I have 4 basses, and two guitars. My Rogue generic Pbass I believe is going to keep the pure tone output jack. My jazz bass would be one that I would use the type 12b. The other three are still in pieces.

That is a switching jack. When you have a cable plugged in, it opens up the circuit so the signal goes out the cable. When there is no cable plugged into the jack the signal will go to the extra tab. Why you would want to use it for I have no idea.

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I think I’ve seen those things used with a battery i.e If you plug in the 1/4 lead the circuit completes and the battery is active. Unplug the lead the switch disconnects and turns of the battery.

I’m sure there are hundreds of uses for this.


Just because I have so many of them. That’s all