What power supply to get for a small pedalboard

Hey to everyone!

Being tired of plugging my pedals one by one on the floor, i am considering buying a pedalboard in the upcoming month.
I already know which one : Templeboard solo 18
I will attach 5 maybe 6 pedals if the size allows me : Pre amp - compressor - chorus - octaver - overdrive - tuner

Does anyone know which power supply should i get for such rig ?
It is for touring so it has to be a bit robust but i guess it is the same for everyone :smile:

Thank you for the answers !


Are any of your pedals digital? I ask because they seem to be more “finicky” when it comes to the quality of the power supply. Also, do some of your pedals need more than 200 mA?

In any case, it is a good thing to get a power supply with isolated channels (and one that can give you - at least in some of the channels - up to 500 mA). I thought I could get away with a Harley Benton ISO-1 Pro (for about USD 45), but there was still a noise issue with some of my digital pedals, despite the channels supposedly being isolated. And that is not just a humming noise, it is a consistent howling that makes the pedals unusable.

So, I ended up with a much more expensive, but really good solution: the Strymon Ojai - it costs at least three times what the H-B does, but it works perfectly fine. Note: it only has 5 channels; if you need more, you need to get the Strymon Zuma (or one of their expansion sets).

I also hear good things about Cioks power supplies, but haven’t tested them myself. I didn’t opt for them, as (I think) they only provide up to 300 mA, but I needed at least 400 mA for some of my pedals.

Good luck!


The VooDoo Lab x8 is the hidden gem for value and power. 8-500ma outputs for $169. Super compact.
It’s sold as an “extender” to their main power supplies but also runs powered by itself.


I’ll throw the TrueTone CS-7 into the mix. All isolated power connections with a switching power supply. This means you don’t have to worry about mA on a particular connection as long as don’t exceed 1900mA overall. Also, it can support 9, 12, or 18 volt connections.


I have a Cioks and recommend it. I had another brand which some of my pedals did work with, and upgraded to Cioks and everything works fine.

This is not an area I have discovered where all things are created equal. Get a good one


Not quite true.
My DC-7 produces 6W on each outlet, which corresponds to
660mA @ 9v
500mA @ 12v
400mA @ 15v
330mA @ 18v

each output is individually switchable for voltage, so I can run a combination of 9v, 12v and 18v pedals from the same supply.


Thanks for rectifying my not quite correctly remembered information :smile:


Thanks everyone for the answers :smile:
As of now i am hesitating between the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X8 Isolated Power Supply and one of the Cioks, maybe the DC7 but it is 230€ :smiling_face_with_tear:

I am using a “Horse Power Supply”. it’s a rechargeable battery supply for my small pedal board. Take about an hour to charge and runs for 5-6 hours.

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For small, I think I’m about to get the Cioks Sol. It doesn’t need the external brick power supply. Only 5 connections compared to the 8 of the voo doo. Variable voltages. I like that Cioks uses RCA/Cinch connectors at the power supply side. The pedal connectors aren’t my favorite and I like something with more grip at least on one end.

I also don’t mind putting a string of a few friendly pedals on one connection.

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