What technique is Harry doing on this cover?

Harry is using an interesting technique to play these repeating notes early on this song. He changes to normal playing style around 45s into the song. What is he doing?

BTW, I love playing this cover. It’s a fun one and I love the song. Quite tiring though!

He’s slapping :slight_smile:

Is he? It doesn’t look like slapping to me. I don’t think he’s using his thumb to play these notes. I think he’s doing something with his curled up fingers.

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Looks to me like he is lightly slapping/tapping with his thumb. His fingers are over the pup cover.

The sheet music also has staccato marks on all the notes at the start, which slapping lightly like that could work well for.


Hmm… when I zoom in, his thumb just looks like it is floating to me, but I could be completely wrong. :slight_smile:

I agree. Looks to me as if it’s just lightly tapping with his thumb to get the tone. The other fingers are just curled in and over the cover, so nothing going on there. Probably helps slightly mute it by doing it like this as opposed to regular plucking.

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