What would you call it?

As I continue my bass “tone” journey, I’m already madly in love with basically anything Khruangbin-esque (no surprise lol)

I grew up being a huge fan of oldschool funk and when I hear something like this: https://youtu.be/1xEXmhQDS_k?si=hJe6TpmogVcGXN5B

I wonder if it’s more soul or funk? I’m just trying to zero in on the style of bass line.

Generally, funk tends to have a lot of slapping which as much I respect it, is not my thing.

Curious to hear the community’s thoughts!



That’s the funk.

I’m sure you are aware of the VulPeck, Cory Wong, and Scary Pockets they are the new funk.


This is both soul and funk - but that bass line is definitely funky!

In my experience, most funky bass lines - and most funk tunes in general - don’t have any slap. I think of The Meters or Parliament or even Bootsy - there are more non-slap lines than slap lines.

But I hear you - the line between soul and funk is real blurry at times.
James Brown is both Soul and Funk at 100% all the time.


It’s so simple but so tight.

Been really helpful learning to lock in and stay in the pocket.

Definitely need to listen to more Bootsy.