What years of experience lets you do

Ok, so this isn’t a bass video. It’s a drum one, but it is still a fascinating video to watch and is applicable to the bass. Try not to fast forward as the video tells a story and describes his approach to learning this song (after only hearing it once). Basically, he hears the song once and then tries to play it. I think it shows how much experience and understanding of music can do for someone. It’s pretty cool stuff (to me anyway).



The way he breaks it down and talks us through it while listening to the song for the first time is brilliant. A great demonstration of active listening and of communication!

That was fascinating, thanks for posting it here @JT


That’s awesome, @JT!

It’s funny, Lars Ulrich is often considered one of the worst drummers out there (who made it big)!

Larnell is phenomenal - he famously was called in late for a recording gig with Snarky Puppy and apparently learned all the songs on the flight from Canada to Europe the day before the recording. He did pretty well :joy:


This was one of the first songs I learned on drums. :slight_smile: Took me a bit more than 5 minutes if I remember correctly…

What this really shows me is that you don’t (always) have to do a 1:1 copy of the original recording. It’s ok to do your own thing, as long as it fits into the feel of the song and sounds good. This is what I still struggle with all the time. I don’t “understand” the songs like these guys do, so when I deviate from the original I’m never sure whether it’s ok or I’m butchering some important thing.

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Yeah. Good point. He definitely knows music theory and song structure and that helps a lot. So he knows after how many bars the change happens and the rough rhythm of each section. That is one of the main reasons I’m looking to do the 50 song cover challenge… to reinforce song structure. I love Josh’s course, but because you mainly just play short snippets of songs, you really don’t learn much about overall song structure (intro, outro, verse, chorus, pre-chorus, etc.).

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I agree! However, I got a crash course in structure once I started learning songs and doing covers.

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Covers are good for this.

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