What's the hardest bass line ever?


What’s one bass line bassists consistently seem to struggle with?

More idle curiosity than me ever attempting it, at a guess :joy:


Closer to Home, by Grand Funk Railroad would get my vote. :open_mouth:


Haha, so many ways I could answer this question… first thing coming to mind is Use Me, Bill Withers.

It’s not that it’s a difficult line, it’s that NOBODY I’ve ever heard play it live actually bothered to learn the bass line, so they just play the keyboard part. Which is lame to do, you miss out on some important rhythmic counterpoint that makes that song super cool.


Can I go back to my epic odyssey with Cissy Strut here??
The debate rages. The authorities are at odds.
George Porter Jr. himself may not be as trustworthy as hoped.
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I’m going to learn that at some point. And, I’m not even going to worry if I get a note or two wrong. :wink:


My benchmark for “hard” was always King Crimson - Discipline. Mostly played on a Chapman stick, but shown how to fake it on a regular bass, and still several orders above my personal skill level. Tony Levin kicks Bass ass! A great live version here :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTQrlDzqUCA&list=RDxkXZzBh9D8U&index=3