What's your favorite thing you've learned recently?


Could be from the B2B course, or just in your own explorations. Any cool new techniques, rhythms, songs that are getting you pumped?


Well nothing yet, but I’m pumped to learn slap bass and whatever method of playing you’re doing at the beginning of some of the B2B lessons that make the bass sound like a acoustic guitar(…At least to me it does :slight_smile:) . It looks like you’re strumming it and it sounds great.


Yeah I do a lot of strumming on bass! It’s basically the same technique as on guitar, just strumming down with my fingernails and back up with the pads. At least that’s one of the many strumming techniques you can use. So much fun.


Massive use of my pinky!
I wasnt using it much because I was lazy about spending the effort.
The finger positionning really opened me doors to songs I couldnt play before.


Yay! Always glad to have another member of the using-the-pinky team. :slight_smile: