Wherein I find distaste for my “forever” bass…

Since getting my Kiesel Osiris a few weeks back, I’ve been a very devoted player. I work from home, and my work and play PCs share a desk. I sit right next to my “studio” all day long. So, I’ve been noodling during work calls (yay mute button). I’ve been coding with the Osiris strapped and in my lap, so that I can noodle when I’m thinking. I’ve even brought a small amp into my bedroom, and noodle while I’m watching TV with my GF at night.

Today - a few minutes ago - I pulled out my Carvin B4 (my “forever bass”, the bass I won’t sell) and decided to play a few songs. It was… weird.

The headstock seemed HUGE and unwieldy, I felt like I was playing a rowboat oar. The neck - while a similar shape - was off just enough to make my playing awkward (well… more awkward than normal, LOL). The B4’s J/J pickups provide a very different tone than the P/RSC (radiused single coil) pickups of the Osiris, and the B4 sounded off to my ears even though it was perfectly in tune and intonation. The light weight of the B4 - while once a favored feature - seemed almost flimsy when compared to the heft of the Osiris.

In short… I didn’t enjoy playing it and switched back to the Osiris after a single song.

blink, blink

I am not sure what this portends, but I feel sullied and unusual right now.


Hate to tell you this, but this is normal.
When you get used to one bass another can feel awkward and wrong, until you play it for a while.
Same with pickups. Some days jazz pickups sound right to me, some days they sound horrible. Just depends on what’s in your head.

I think sometimes people throw the baby out with the bath water before realizing they just should have gotten re-used to the other baby.

In a month you may say the opposite.
Making quick judgements on instruments is dangerously expensive.


Countdown to when the B4 hits Reverb.

In 10, 9, 8, 7…

On the bright side, you’ll probably be able to buy it a third time.



Huh. I expected more ridicule, less thoughtful response. :smiley:


You spoke too soon. :laughing:



I think, were that to happen, my CFO would suddenly grow a long, black mustache, and start twisting it all sinister-like while she tied me to some railroad tracks moments before the train came.




I absolutely dislike the 1.5” nut width on all of my Jazz basses after a few weeks on my generous MusicMan and P bass transcribing sessions I’ve been doing til last night. I laid down my bass track with my Jazz bass. OMG! Where you been. It was fast and comfortable. I’m in love.

I learn that there’s a right bass for the right song if you are going to take it there, lol. Well it’s absolutely true when it comes to recording.

Like @John_E said, it changes al the time. It’s our job to keep gassing them, ha ha.


Never say never! Lol
The same happens to me, and as John said, it can get expensive!


That is EXACTLY what I was thinking as I wrote that reply, @Wombat-metal. :smiley:


FWIW I’ve regretted exactly zero of my sales. Even if I repurchased something similar later.


I have seven basses (about three too many) and try to rotate them out once a week. The one I played last week is always my favorite :wink:


But you didn’t purchase the exact same bass again. Or multiply.


That’s true :slight_smile:

Well actually I did buy a Streamer LX4 after selling a Streamer LX5, which is petty close, but that was more of me rectifying the mistake of buying a 5 string than anything else :rofl:


Part of my reason for falling in love with Fishman Fluence Moderns is the voice switch and push/pull single coil taps to put it into Jazz Mode :tm: I imagine Sims are the same way.

This is a mood when switching between my C5 and Stiletto 5. Not the same as the shape of the neck as they are both Schecter C necks; but they hang on my body differently and the same fret is not in the same spot on each one, so my arm adjusts to compensate. I’m used to it now as I switch between them a lot. Weird as hell for a while though :woozy_face:

Moving between the C5 and The Beast is a lot less awkward.

I also had my GWB35 literally packed in a box, posted on Reverb, and ready to ship when I decided at the last minute to pull its ad and keep it :upside_down_face: