Which bass should i get

Cort Action DLX Plus , Yamaha TRBX174 , Squier Bullet Bronco Bass , jackson js2 spectra
please tell me which should i get my budget is 300usd and this is what i can find under it
or tell me bass should should i use under 300 usd
i want 4 string bass

If you haven’t already, click on “Gear” in this site’s top nav. Then click on “Which bass to buy?

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The bass that compels you to take it off the stand and play, get that one


Anyone starting off with a budget bass should be most concerned with how it feels in your hands. Things like scale length, neck profile, weight, and balance when standing are included in that part of the equation. Tonality should come second and I would suggest passive not active electronics which will add to cost but not necessarily to tonality or quality.

There are other factors you don’t mention here such as are you now a guitarist moving on to learning to play bass? If so a short scale bass may be more comfortable to begin with. If you’re going with a standard 34" scale length I’d also consider a Squier Jazz Bass. But of those you’ve listed the Yamaha would probably be my choice. They make a very good product.


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As others have said, it’s best if you like the bass, whatever that means for you. Play them all if you can, and pick your favorite, even if you can’t put in words why you prefer it. I picked mine because I liked the color, that’s it, I had no clue what type of bass it was until much later.

If you’re still undecided, look to what type of basses are used in the music you like, and go for one that’s most similar.

Bottom line, if you’re still stuck, all those are good basses and you can’t go wrong with any of them.


The Best Bass Guitars Under $300 (Perfect For Beginners!) – GuitarMeet Check this site out. Personally I’d get the Squier on the list. Not the bullet you mention, get the affinity it’s a better bass. Guitar center has it on sale currently. Squier Affinity Series Limited-Edition PJ Bass 3-Color Sunburst | Guitar Center


Definitely read the article mentioned by @peter.hanus. Josh has some great advice.

Definitely play/hold any that your considering.

When I got my first bass I couldn’t play bass but had tried guitar before. I had a hold and a very basic go at plucking, then asked the sales guy to play so I could here the two I was looking at (Squire Affinity Jazz and a P). This helped me be comfortable with my choice (the Jazz).

I’ve since held a few and ones I loved the look of, just didn’t feel right in my hands. My second bass looked and felt awesome, so I left the shop with it :metal:

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A Jazz Bass and many imports with their narrower neck widths are generally easier to learn on and more comfortable for beginners to play. My first choice in a pro bass years ago was a '66 Fender Jazz Bass. I also owned a '63 Precision bass with a much wider thicker neck but played the Jazz Bass for often initially because it was more comfortable to play.

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