Which cheapo basses should I review?

Maybe you read my comment wrong… I was trying to say something along the lines of “If you go read Josh’s post you’ll see he already is thinking about Glarrys”. More like letting him know that Josh will probably be reviewing the bass he wants a review of. I thought the smilies would help convey a more kind and helpful meaning…

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Good suggestion

You will need to fact check some links you posted to for cheap basses.
Your heart is in the right place, but don’t be fooled by some of the scam artists out there.
I can tell you, the one selling the Jackson for $62 is a fraud off shore scam site and if you end up sending money, you may get a picture of the item, but that is about it.
Offer up used to have tons of these sites pay for advertising and linkd to their sites on Offer Up, then ofer up wised up about it, because too many people complained they were fraudulent sites.
Like Ibanez Mikro bass, brand new going for $59.99 with no shipping costs

Be careful.
Yes, there are alot of basses out there to look at, but be sure they are from legitimate re-sellers and not scam sites.

It sucks, I know, I was almost taken by one of them when I wanted to get a Mikro, and my buddy was like, no, thats not legit, and I was arguing with him. until he typed in a few internet checks on the site and it was true, total scam.

Be careful and know you will receive what you pay for so you don’t become a victim.


Welcome to Bass Buzz @dweller313

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Sorry! I’ll delete the scammy ones :slight_smile:

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I have a Glarry Jazz bass. Pretty happy with it, once I got it set up and did a bit of minor fret work! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


It was more a warning to you. I would hate for you to get scammed cuz the deal looks too good to be true. that is cuz in fact it IS too good to be true.

I Think it might have been a good thing you posted it cuz it helps others to be aware of the scammy ones out there.

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It was more of how you said “Nice text size tho”. it can be seen as being sarcastic.
But I agree that the smiley faces help to suggest is is a a friendly joke, but that kind of sarcasm is usually used between people that know one and other pretty good.

I hope this helps you to understand why Pam was saying that to you. I am just trying to help you understand forum etiquette so everybody stays friendly to each other.


@JoshFossgreen Im really interested to see what you think of the Harley Bentons. I’m a beginner and know nothing… But I am a telecoms engineer. My son and I have just started learning bass, and I have a few observations, which I hope are useful:

  1. Thomann’s return policy is amazing… at least it was within Europe and pre-Brexit. I’d need to check if it is still the same now. We bought the HB PB-shorty (£66 !!!), and JB75-MN (£122), tried them both for a few days and then sent the JB75 back using their free return process.

  2. The JB-75 weighed a tonne and my son was exhausted after 10 mins holding it. By contrast the PB-shorty is a great size for him to carry and play… still a stretch on the frets, but I think that is technique.

  3. The Shorty was very electrically noisy. Touching the pickups generated noise. Moving the instrument near to electrical equipment generated buzzing noise from the amp. I took the pick guard off and shielded the cavity with copper tape, and it was much, much better. I painted the pickup magnets with nail varnish and it was better again… then I swapped out the pickups for a cheap split pickup form China and it is much better again. In contrast to the electrical installation I think the physical build and attention to detail in the woodwork and fretwork is amazing. So so far I reckon its a great instrument for the price but you may need to do some electrical fixes. In fairness to Thomann I could have sent it back and got them to swap or repair it… but I do like taking things apart and figuring out how they work!

As another little frivolous play I have also bought a harley benton Kahuna bass ukulele (£105). It is great fun! And a lovely thing to hold and play… I need to touch the end of a couple of frets with a file to knock off a couple of sharp corners, but I put that down to humidity changes during its journey to me.

Hope that is useful to you.
Have fun testing!


Same!! There was some fret buzz because the A string was too close to the fretboard. I just did it by ear and it worked great