Which effect(s) are used here?

There is a bass solo from 8:20 to 11:00 Maynard Ferguson Toronto 1977 - YouTube
Which effect(s) are used here?


Sounds to me like a little overdrive distortion with some natural reverb from the venue. Also EQ and compression, but that’s true of almost any track.

Sounds like maybe a little flange or chorus too around the 9:20ish mark. Agree with Howard’s assessment above, definitely picking up some of the room mic’s reverb, etc. Plus, he is playing back by the bridge, which in and of itself can change the timbre.

There’s some cool overdrive/distortion - but not too much.
Almost all of that special sauce is coming from the fact that he’s playing a fretless and it just has that special fretless chorusy/slidey/wah-wah sound to it.
His vibrato (with his fingers, not a pedal) is real strong the whole time, so there’s movement on every note.
Very cool.


Addendum: At 9:50 he clicks on some super distortion / envelope filter sauce.
Don’t know the name of the pedal, but he definitely clicks on a new thing there - buzz + envelope.

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