Which Ibanez SDGR bass is this?

Hey BassBuzz Forum! Can you help me identify this Ibanez SDGR bass?

I’m a bit stumped because I can’t find a model or serial number anywhere on the bass.

Find the serial number, could be on the plate, and go to a decoder like this and it will tell you

This is what mine looks like.

I was thinking old(er) SR300 as well, but as far as I know, those were never made in China. Like @CoolCat’s bass, the model and serial number should be printed on the back of the headstock, right above/in those white brackets… I guess it got worn off on yours.

Could also be stamped on the plate, Soundgear did that too.

Could be an SR400QM, which was built in China for a couple of years. Then it moved back to Indonesia

What makes it tough is the soundgear bodies are all very similar.

I’d say it is very likely an SR400QM 2012, which had a 3 band EQB-3D preamp and CAP-EXF pickups. 2011 had different pickups and 2 band preamp, 2013 was built in Indonesia.

And it came in brown.

Here is a pic of an earlier one


Thanks! I’m still a bit confused because the colour is actually a deep purple, which looks more like the Deep Violet Metallic on the SR300

But as you say, SR400QM 2012 makes more sense given China.

Maybe it’s a Frankenstein, I don’t know its history.

If I wanted to check if serial number is on the plate, how do I find that?

There’s not a lot of Ibanez basses made in China.

The SN isn’t on the back of the neck, so it could be on the metal plate for the neck

out of the 2012 bass catalog

SR300 was made in Indonesia btw

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Looks like the Lavender Burst may be the one. Good find!

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Not a clue, but damn cool color it has