Which lesson should I start from?


I bought the course of bass lessons but I’m a guitarist moving over to bass and I’ve decided not to fingerpick. I’m a “above average” guitarist, he said modestly, but a mainly fast funk disco so not a lot of solos and scales etc.

So, my question is, where should I start in the course to start to be taught scales, left hand technique, positioning etc.

Does that make sense?!




Hey Stuart, I start with technique instruction from the beginning, so I would start there even though the playalongs will probably be too easy for you for a while.

Also, I would recommend learning to pluck with your fingers, even if you’re planning on playing mostly with a pick. Adam Neely had some helpful thoughts about that in this video:

Of course, you can not follow my advice and do your own thing there, but I agree with Adam that playing with your fingers will help you think more like a bass player (and give you more tonal options).

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