Which strings for a beginner?

Hopefully getting a proper setup next week, as part of the setup they put new strings on. I’m not sure if I get a choice but if I do which type and brand would everyone recommend? Very novice player. Slapping and popping are not a concern right now just a very funk like bass sound.

Dean 4 string bass.

I am also fairly new to this, but Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings (round-wounds) seem to be the go-to strings for most common styles and basses. And affordable, too!

Hey @Gadget, the short answer is that anything is fine as a beginner. The tone differences between types and brand of string are subtle relative to the difference that your hands make.

I personally would recommend you get some type of roundwound, they have more potential for brightness and zing than flatwounds, which gives you more genre options, and you can always tame them down to be more dark and flatwound-y with your EQ/tone knobs.

Roundwounds is probably what they’ll throw on by default, I’d be surprised if that wasn’t the case.

All good advice above.
My 2 cents - if they ask for size of string, tell them regular. If they hem and haw about that - go for .100 to .045.
100 to 45.
That’s a good size for everything.
D’Addario are my go to, and they are available any where anyone has a music store.

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