Which Strings for Jazz bass and Mini P Bass

I have a 2004 Swamp Ash Jazz Bass currently with round wound black beauties. I just acquired a mini P Bass also with round wounds.

I want to go flatwound on one but I’m not sure which one to do it. I hear great things about the mini p Bass with flats and watched some demos but I can’t seems to find the right size. Most short scale flats are still to long and you end up winding the e string around the peg.

I know that that it’s really up my ear and tastes but if it were you, which strings would you have on each bass and why?


I’m rather partial to LaBella strings, and have put many sets of their flats on my basses.
They have this really handy guide on their site if you want to check it out. Even if you don’t buy LaBella strings, this is invaluable knowledge.


This is good info. I’d love to get some LaBella Flats in there. However, the mini P Bass is a 28.5 inch scale. Their flat wound specifically says that if you wind the strong portion around the tuning peg, it will break. I’ve seen that Pyramid makes custom length strings but their pricey and I don’t much else about them. Any experience?


I also love LaBella flats.

Call or email them. They do custom sets I believe.


What brand is that mini P? I’d like to check it out…

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It’s a Squier!! I’m word on the street is that they are discontinuing the bronco and moving forward with a miniature P. It’s about $170 online and plays pretty well!


If you can find them, I would put the flats on the mini P for sure.

If you find a source for this, be sure and post back here letting us know what you go with.