Who else likes U2 basslines?

Hi there,

From time to time I’m digging for new songs with great basslines for practicing.

For the last few months I’m in a U2 fever.
Adam Clayton has some really cool basslines. Here are the ones I’m practicing right now:

Original of the species
Walk on
Where the streets have no name
All I want is you

Anyone at there also like to play these songs?


Adam Clayton is pretty underrated! Sure, a lot of the bass lines are simple, but they hold the whole song down. If you check out his playing on their first four albums, you will hear more complicated bass lines!

My favorites to play:

Until The End of The World

New Years Day

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Pride (In The Name of Love)


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Yeah - that’s also a great line! :metal:t3:


Really solid bass lines there. They do exactly what they should as foundations of the tunes. Good stuff.


Yes I enjoy the driving 8th notes played with a pick.

Adam Clayton is the master of (relatively) simple, but effective bass lines.

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