Who is performing?

I was just wondering who is performing right now? I know that it is hard, but I want to see if there are other people that are doing what they love.

I haven’t even been able to jam with my “band” for months. Really frustrating, but I understand what needs to be done when lives are at risk. We’ve been trying to practice individually and have done a bit of online collaboration on Soundtrap, but that’s it. Unfortunately, the bass is a rhythm instrument, so playing alone feels more painful than say a guitar.

Recently I mentioned here about Jamulus and its community.

Well those guys are hosting an event every saturday where people around the world can sign up for a song to play together. Reharse it for a week and perform it online in a live stream

This is the result of this week…


For sure it is goofy but much more easier in respect to landing any gig for a beginner musician like myself let alone in the days of COVID.

I am currently building up courage for that…


Wasn’t aware of this. Thanks for sharing. I had looked into online collabs with various people, but not live sessions like this. I wonder how they are dealing with latency to ensure everyone is in time with each other.

I tried to explain that here to my best.

But to simply put it they’re looking for methods to get it as low as possible.

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Thanks. I tried JamKazam and didn’t really like it. I’ve been using Soundtrap to work with my guitarist friend, but that is more passing the baton back and forth and creating a track. I’ll check out Jamulus a bit more. Setting up a server, etc. isn’t an issue for me.

I’m out in Northern California near San Francisco.
I haven’t taken a gig since February 2020.
Some folks are out playing - it’s only outdoors, and for the most part, solo guitar/vocals situations.
Did some videos for online festivals and just for fun, but no actual gathering and performing here.

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Haven’t jammed with me band since March 2020 due to COVID 19 restrictions here in Ireland

I haven’t performed in 3-4 yrs so as much as I’d like to blame Covid…

Haven’t played live since college :slight_smile: