Why did I start playing bass

I am a retired 73 year old who never played bass. I have some friends who had a jam group every Tuesday at one of my friend’s house. They invited me over to hear them play. There were two guitars, three fiddlers and a banjo. I pointed out that the needed a bass. They all turned to me and said that was a great idea. Well I am always up for a challenge so I picked up a bass realizing I was going to have to learn how to play it! Thanks to you, Josh, I am making some progress.


That’s awesome @jrorme83!!! I’m guessing with so many fiddlers and a banjo that there’s some kind of folky/country/bluegrass/Americana in the house, so you’ll get a lot out of Module 11 where I start talking about coming up with “roots and fifths” bass lines, which will work perfectly in that style.

I hope I’m still starting to learn new things when I’m your age! It’s inspiring. :zap:


Hey Josh

You are quite right about the style of music. They call it bluegrass.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your course. Oh I just did. Well you are one of the best teachers I have ever had and I have had an awful lot of them after after 18 years of formal education. I love playing with my group aka Burning Rubber Chicken Cutlets. I do want also to learn to play and compose blues music.


Aww thanks, I appreciate that. I’m so glad to help!

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