Why I like bass better than guitar

“I want to learn this song that has an F#minor7 in it.”

Me on guitar: F#minor7??!! I don’t know how to do an F#minor, never mind a 7th!! I can barely form an F major. I’ll need to make my fingers learn new positions! And can I do a sharp just by sliding up a fret or do I need to fret other strings too? Gaaaaauuuugh!!!

(Photo credit: 5 Easy Ways to Play an F# Minor 7 Chord on Guitar - Beast Mode Guitar)

Me on bass: No prob.

(photo credit: https://www.learntoplaymusic.com/blog/bass-guitar-the-f-sharp-bass-note/ )


Yep. Six string guitar drives me crazy.

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I have a love/hate thing with guitar.

I love my guitars, I love playing them, and I hate that I am just so damn bad at it :rofl:

To be fair, I haven’t been putting in enough time lately.


When I think about how I humm along to music I find that what I produce is closer to what the bass is playing, even if I am improvising along- it is more a fundamental harmony that sits under the vocals and lead.

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My crappy guitar playing background helped me to pick up bass. That didn’t surprise me too much.

But learning bass has improved my crappy guitar playing, at least a little. THAT was a bit of a surprise.


I tried to learn guitar years ago but never really progressed beyond rhythm guitar. When I pick up my Stratocaster now it feels like I’m holding a toy guitar. Compared to my j-bass the Strat is so light and tiny and the strings feel so delicate. I feel a genuine and irrational fear that I’m going to break it if I try playing it now.


Try fretting this on bass, at 0:56 and 1:08:


I “played” guitar for years before trying bass. Played in quotes as I was self taught and mostly just trying to memorize favorite songs. Never really dove in hard, and after all those years all I have to show is a few memorized licks that I can barely play anyway.

Picked up a bass, and within a few weeks of self teaching was already miles ahead of where I was in guitar, and after starting B2B I’m lightyears ahead of my guitar skills. Messed around with my old Jackson the other day, felt like a toy and I still suck. :rofl:

So Im with you, Bass over Guitar anyday.