Why I like my pedal board?

This is why I like my Pedal Board:

I use it with my Bass, my electric guitar and my Acoustic Guitar.

Really good tuner on it, after a Equalizer, I really like this one because the first band is 62.5Hertz, usually the first band is 100 Hertz, I find 62.5 Hertz better for really low frequency, for mt Bass and Acoustic guitar too. Next pedal is a a Compressor, handy for most of guitars and Bass, a Classic to have on a Pedal Board
And the last one is a TS-9, tube screamer, perfect for a Blues Tone on my Electric Guitar and at low gain, like a Booster on my Bass, and if you want more drive you can go really high.
All pedals are connect with a power supply9 Volts, and Iused all D’addario power supply, to be sure to not create noise and interference.
All pedals with Velcro.
For me a versatile Pedal Board for my Bass, my Acoustic Guitar and my Electric Guitar too.

Really simple and do the Job I want.


Very similar in simplicity to mine. Same tuner, Boss BC-1X Compressor and Sans Amp Bass Driver mounted on a small board with velcro. My pedal bag is also big enough to hold my small toolkit and a collapsible guitar stand so its all transported in one bag.


That’s a great idea :bulb:

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