Why some well known bassist don't use Ibanez?

John Taylors bass list below

Peavey Cirrus 4MFB 4-string & 5MFB 5-string; Bernard Edwards’s ’77 Music Man StingRay and B.C. Rich; Bass Centre Elites Stainless Steel Stadium Series strings (.045–.130)

’80s & ’90s Basses
Aria Pro II SB600, Aria Pro II SB1000; Kubicki Factor; Yamaha and Washburn acoustic bass guitars; Steinberger XM-4; Warwick Thumb 5-string; Carruthers electric upright bass; Gibson Les Paul Basses

Ibanez is definitely more of a metal brand, but the main question probably is who is to be considered a well known artist :wink:


Yeah and I also think Ibanez is more popular as a guitar brand. They produce some really nice guitars :drooling_face:


True, but I also think they market more to guitar. They make some pretty nice basses as well.

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