Will my guitar amp work for playing bass?

So I watched the BassBuzz videos on beginner bass amp and also on difference between bass amp & guitar amp. Currently I don’t really want to spend money on a separate bass amp since I’m still learning and practicing. And I don’t really see a reason to buy a cheapo no name brand bass amp cause it’s gonna suck. So the question is: am I good with my guitar amp? It’s a big boy (50 watt RMS/300 watt peak) with a 12 inch driver so I figured it’s ok for bass? On low gain/low volume at least since I play at home in my tiny apartment.


For bedroom levels I would say it is good enough, but never crank it up or you will damage your cab speaker cus of the low freq.

It might sound a bit thin because of the preamp, but for practice that is fine.


It’s plenty. You should be fine. Just don’t test the limit of that amp, lol.

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yeah I wont lol
even on low gain channel lowest volume lowest gain its a bit louder than I want it to be lol

This video shows the effect of bass on a typical guitar speaker.


If you don’t crank it, then it’s fine for bedroom practice.

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Guitar amps is quite capable and comfortable being in a low end of the spectrum. Even without the octaves pedals the distortions/ drive can bring out some mean low end grunts.

I understand that a tight punchy bass lines can get more violent movement to the speaker but if you don’t push it the guitar amp wouldn’t even blink. Lol.

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I would invest in a bass practice combo if for no other reason that it will be truer to the sound you expect out of the bass. It’s not a matter of can I use my guitar amp, its a matter of should I.


It’ll work. You might need a good bass cabinet to send it to if you start playing with a loud band. But until then if it sounds good then enjoy it. I have used a guitar amp for at home noodling a few times.


So I’ve looked at some basic bass amps (within my budget) like LINE6 Spider 20 and Fender Rumble 15 and some more off-brand stuff. What confused me is they all have 8 inch drivers at most and some even smaller. Are they really going to be better than my old guitar amp with 12 inch driver?

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I think you should be fine with the guitar amp. I saw a Video once where Glen from Spectre Studios was talking about using guitar amps to record Bass, it seems this is a thing, and I don’t think you have to worry much about wrecking your amp.

Just don’t crank it to the Limit.

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+1 to everything @Malyngo said here.
The only thing I’ll add is this -
Make sure you know if your bass has passive or active electronics.

If the electronics are active, maybe keep your bass volume or EQ pulled back.
The guitar amps are not designed to handle such a massive preamp signal.

If it’s passive, you’re good to go.

I love playing bass through guitar amps - both at home for practice and on stage (though I double the signal with a bass amp to keep the low end).


Over half of my bass covers were done on an acoustic guitar amp. Granted that it usually offer broader spectrum it’s still is a guitar amp. I know many of the upright bassist use this type of amp when they gig.

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I have asked that question many times at my guitar stores. I even have a Fender 59 Bassman reissue. Every time I was told that if you play a bass through a guitar amp at more than a whisper it will blow out the amp. I don’t remember if they said it will just blow out the speaker or other stuff, but I just didn’t want to take the chance, so went with an inexpensive Peavy bass practice amp. It sounds and works fine.