Windows 11 - any issues with our sort of software?

I’d say it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can do a quick Google search to see if any of your programs have reported compatibility issues with Windows 11. Or you can always try reaching out to the software’s customer support team to see if they have any insight.

Same. I’ve done the “upgrade” on my laptop and I really didn’t like the interface, so I reinstalled it to Win 10. Waste of time.

There is some weird thing with Windows : if I like one version, I don’t like the next one.

Windows XP : like
Windows Vista : don’t like
Windows 7 : like (very much - my main computer is still runing it)
Windows 8 : don’t like
Windows 10 : like
Windows 11 : don’t like

I guess Windows 12 will be awesome :smiley:

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I didn’t see that much difference between 10 and 11 :man_shrugging:

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I’ve always felt that every other version of Windows is awful, and it follows your list exactly. Going back further, 98 was fine, ME sucked.

But, like @Paul, I upgraded my laptop to 11, and see no real big difference…

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