Woodstock '99

not sure why but i have become obsessed with woodstock 99 — both HBO and Netflix have documentaries and there are a number of podcasts. i was 27 but did not go, but did watch some of it on a friend’s pay per view and had no idea about the incredible amount of bad stuff that happened other than the fires at the end. was anyone there?


I was in Kosovo in '99. Similar vibe.


Was at Woodstock 68 or 69. Yeah! Anything you could imagine it was there.


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch all that since things were so incredibly F’ed up. Is it worth a watch?


i think its incredibly compelling but also horrible. the sexual assault that happened makes me physically ill, but the way it breaks down the vibe of late 90’s white male toxicity is really fascinating to watch especially as i was right in that demographic in '99. i also find the breakdown of all the logistics incredible to watch — makes me incredibly happy i was not there. plus the greed of the promoters is just unreal - especially the way they deny so much of what happened afterwards.


Absolutely worth a watch imo.

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Awful but fascinating, a very interesting documentary. But my god I feel sorry for anyone who fell victim to anything there, utter carnage. Saying that, the show is definitely worth a watch just for how informative it is. I was only young at that time but still not sure how I didn’t hear anything about it until now!

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I watched that, it was pretty graphic-some really nasty stuff occurred there. I had wanted to go, but life and lack of resources had me bound. I didn’t get to watch much of it, but that’s maybe because the party was extended to my house? Yeah, i was bad. I used it as an excuse to stay hammered for 3 days-like i needed one.

But yes, it’s totally worth a stomach-churning watch. Don’t mind the nausea, it’s a perk of watching.

Watched both the Netflix and HBO versions today. Fascinating watch - just complete anarchy - a 3 day riot. Amazing that the promoters still deny any culpability and try to blame it all on Limp Biscuit. Also interesting that as soon as Limp came off stage, Fred Durst’s immediate reaction was 'Not our fault".

I was aware that it went poorly, but had no idea the level of disaster that actually occurred.

Just read up on it. Hooooooooly shit.

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